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Monday, August 22, 2005

Box Man: Kobo Abe

I read this over the course of a month. I don't know.

I enjoyed it, but I think I liked kangaroo notebook more.

A box man is someone who constructs a carboard box in such a manner that it can fit over their entire body. The box allows the person to move around the city as a vagrant of sorts.

Kobo Abe went to lengths to distinguish the box man from the bum/homeless person. I think the main difference is that the box man is always at home (?).

The story is convoluted and involves 4 characters, and several case stories (?) a good percentage of the narrative is spent talking about the writing of the book. Is the author the sentient person? Which character is the author, or did the author just happen to find the diary of a box man?

At times, I just wanted to say who cares, tell me more about the box man.



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