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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Big Over Easy: Jasper Fforde

Jasper Fforde is a nut. He writes science fiction police procedurals -- his first series concentrates on the overlap between literature and reality, and this book is the first in a series of Nursery Rhyme crimes. His stuff is funny, especially if you like absurd situational humor, obscure llterary references, and characters with punny names.

The idea is that the Nursery Crimes Division is a not-well-understood department in the British police force. Detective Inspector Jack Spratt is in charge, assisted by Sergeant Mary Mary. In Fforde's slightly-alternate reality, police work is judged by the success of write-ups in the Amazing Crimes detective magazine. None of the Nursery Crimes are ever featured, so DI Spratt toils on in obscurity. The Humpty Dumpty murder investigation is his big chance to earn membership in the Guild of Detectives. This one dragged a bit, and covered so many nursery rhymes that it's hard to imagine how he'll write another installment.


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  • This reminded me of a comic I read recently, and when I searched online to try to come up with the name, I came across this, in case you need more:

    "In 'The Big Sheep' Hamm investigates the suspicious demise of his partner, Humpty Dumpty, and discovers a web of intrigue involving Bo Peep, Mother Goose, Little Boy Blue and a flock of extremely disgruntled sheep. In the longer 'The Long Ever After' Hamm is hired by old flame Snow White to discover the identity of the owner of a lost glass slipper.
    Max Hamm Fairy Tale Detective (Fairy Tale Detectives) : by Frank Cammuso

    I also found my comic, called Fables. In this world, all fairy tale folk have been exiled from their fairy land and live in the real world. (Non-humans live on a farm upstate). Snow White is the deputy mayor whose marriage to Prince Charming broke up when he cheated on her. Chief of security The Big Bad Wolf, who can take human form, is a moody Sam Spade type in a trenchcoat who helps her investigate who killed Rose Red. I enjoyed the first one I read, but wasn't moved to complete the series.

    By Blogger evt1618, at 10:42 AM  

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