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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Death of Achilles: Boris Akunin

This was a fantastic read. Travis heard this author on NPR a while back, and he was described as the Russian Ian Fleming. Great plot, interesting characters, historical setting. Plus, you get that Russian absurdity factor - hard to describe, but recognizable in Bulgakov and Solzhenitsyn, the only other modern Russians I've read.

The main character is a Russian nobleman named Fandorin who has just returned to Moscow after living in Japan for years. He's acquired a devoted ninja manservant, Masa, and some decidedly non-Russian habits. Fandorin is asked to investigate the mysterious death of the folk hero, General Sobolev, dubbed "Achilles". The story that unfolds is quite interesting, and the novel makes an exciting narrative jump half-way through from the POV of the investigator to that of the investigatee.


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  • I've just had my first brush with Akunin, and I've started a discussion about him on my blog at . Come visit!

    Wow, a Russian Ian Fleming? I sure don't see that.
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