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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

To your scattered bodies go; a science fiction novel: Philip José Farmer

I read this book over the break and I am currently reading the Sequel "
The fabulous riverboat"

I enjoyed the book, it had an interesting concept for an afterlife. Essentially everyone who ever made it past the age of 5 is resurrected at the same time on an alien planet. They are not told why, but they are given a perpetual source of food and decent living conditions. They apparently don't age and if killed they are resurrected somewhere else on the planet.

The story revolves around the historical character Richard Burton, and his attempts to get to the bottom of things. Who are the godlike beings who brought them here and why. To this end he builds a boat and travels from community to community seeking the source of the river. A number of other historical figures are introduced and the author plays with the idea of how they might react in a situation such as this one.

Overall a decent read.


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