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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And Then We Came to the End / Joshua Ferris

Fantastic. I got it from the library and now want to own my own copy. On the surface it's a story of an ad agency in the last throes of the 1990s Internet boom. But it perfectly captures the pettiness, drama, and greatness of office life (if you can believe that.) The author takes for granted that in our late-capitalist society, most of our personal time is actually spent at work, in a office, and probably in a cubicle. So while parts of the story play up the absurd in office interactions, other parts point out that our human drives for companionship, adventure, and love are still with us, just... in our crushing office jobs.

Stylistically the book is interesting, too. Almost all of it is in the present tense, and typically using "we" as the subject, rather than an individual person. Which sounds potentially annoying, but actually works beautifully.

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  • I read reviews of this, but couldn't remember the author or title. Thanks for reminding me -- I'm going to try to find it!

    By Anna, at 10:16 AM  

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