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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Feed: M.T. Anderson

I admit it. I'm a sucker for product recommendations, especially Amazon's. They've been right in the past, and I often end up finding books that I otherwise wouldn't have read.

Coincidentally, Feed is about a future, (that sucks,) where everyone has a constant feed of recommendations, media, and instant messages fed directly into their minds. The story itself is told from the point of view of Titus, a teenager who has the normal teen worries: he's constantly wondering if what he's wearing is hip enough (the feed doesn't think so), whether spring break on the Moon sucks (it does), and which flying car is the best.

Of course, as you might imagine, things start to go wrong, but in surprising ways. One of the most interesting things about the book is that you get little glimpses of the outside world, but since Titus doesn't really concern himself with worldly issues, you only get the barest outlines. Figuring out the world in the story is actually one of my favorite things about reading Science Fiction, and why I keep coming back to the genre.

Feed is a "young adult" book really targeted to teenagers, but it was a great surprise, as its satire works on multiple levels.

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